Press Releases

FTC Solar Launches Voyager Single-Axis Tracker

FTC Solar is announcing the launch of Voyager, a single axis tracker with double portrait (2P) configuration. An ideal choice for bifacial panels, the Voyager is designed for maximum capacity production and low cost installation.

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FTC Solar obtains ISO Certification

FTC Solar has obtained two important ISO certifications, one for quality management and one for environmental impact controls. ISO is an important international standard that facilities worldwide sales and operations.

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FTC Solar announces the release of the SUNDAT Web Service

FTC Solar is launching the SUNDAT Web Service, a partnership with Parallel Works that will bring powerful, cloud-based computing power to the PV design process. SUNDAT enables automated design and optimization of PV systems, commercial rooftop, canopy and utility-scale ground-mount. The new Web Service will facilitate the complex processing tasks that are part of the PV project design process.

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