Engineering Services

Terrain following seen in SUNDAT software

Every solar project comes with it’s own unique set of challenges. At FTC Solar, project engineering is a core competency and our team of engineers is here to help you solve these challenges and showcase how to get the maximum value out of FTC Solar’s single axis tracker products. Value engineering support to our customers is a key differentiator in working with FTC Solar and is enabled by the team’s project engineering experience and proprietary design software, SUNDAT.


Involving FTC early and often during the site layout phase of the project can help you unlock millions in CAPEX savings and also provide enhanced energy production.
Key questions we can answer:
  • Is the site layout optimized for topography, civil and grading and DC collections?
  • Are we minimizing the use of exterior and partial rows?
  • How can we optimize energy production considering the above factors?


Optimizing the structural design of the tracker is critical in ensuring the most cost effective tracker solution on a project.
FTC, alongside 3rd party Engineer of Records (EOR) partners work closely with our customer, developer, owner, AHJ and IEs ensuring that the most relevant building codes, project requirements and engineering judgment are delivered to provide a reliable, robust yet cost effective structure for the design life of the project.


The FTC Solar team has >4.5 GW and years of experience in designing optimized foundation solutions across a wide variety of challenging soil conditions.
In addition, FTC Solar has in-house load testing capabilities to help vet and de-risk subsurface conditions.

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