FTC Solar Launches Voyager Single-Axis Tracker

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — FTC Solar launches the Voyager single-axis tracker, which will be shown by invitation-only to select customers at Solar Power International in Anaheim.

Voyager is a next generation, single-axis tracker that provides industry-leading ease of installation, performance, and reliability, driving the lowest total installed cost.  The FTC team that brings the Voyager tracker to market does so with the experience of designing and installing GWs of third-party single-axis tracker projects in addition to delivering over 1 GW of FTC Solar’s AP90 tracker.

SPI invite

The Voyager tracker is designed for project engineers and installers, requires no special tools and only three wrench socket sizes to be fully assembled.  It features the fewest foundations per module in the industry and employs a fast and intuitive clamping system that makes module install a breeze.  The balanced DC string architecture not only reduces the overall DC collection cost, but also is ideal for DC cable harness systems.  And, the single row, 2-portrait module mounting architecture allows engineers to make the most of the available land while maintaining suitable accessibility for cleaning and mowing in higher GCR designs.  What this all means is that the Voyager tracker provides the lowest installed cost per watt in the industry.

Voyager is equally designed with performance and reliability in mind.  The single-row, self-powered actuation and control system utilizes a power architecture that puts little demand on the battery, providing three days of back-up power while requiring battery replacement half as often as competitive designs.  The row-level control features communication redundancy through a wireless mesh network and bi-directional communication with zone controllers.  Voyager’s proprietary control system allows for continued performance optimization through custom backtracking.

If you are a developer, EPC, or asset owner working on ground-mount projects, FTC Solar’s Voyager tracker should be part of your next project.  Contact us at trackers@ftcsolar.com for more information or to schedule a private viewing of the Voyager tracker at SPI.

About FTC Solar: FTC Solar is a team of dedicated renewable energy professionals focused on delivering value to our customers across the solar development and construction cycle. With over 4GW of worldwide project installation experience, FTC Solar’s hardware, software, and service offerings drive value for solar solutions spanning a range of applications including ground mount, tracker, canopy and rooftop. www.ftcsolar.com


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