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FTC Solar announces the release of the SUNDAT Web Service

The SUNDAT Web Service – Powered by Parallel Works™ – is the PV industry’s most powerful design optimization tool

SAN FRANCISCO, July 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — In the hyper-competitive PV industry, extracting every cent of value from a project is crucial. The SUNDAT Web Service combines the power of FTC Solar and Parallel Works to bring you cloud-based PV design software that enables users to rapidly generate and analyze hundreds of options for a potential site. Starting with only a ground or rooftop boundary, the SUNDAT Web Service can model virtually every combination of design parameter: module/inverter types, ground coverage ratio, string size, tracking vs. fixed-tilt, azimuth, and more, producing complete site layouts and energy estimates in minutes.

The SUNDAT Web Service is based on SUNDAT, FTC Solar’s proprietary solar design automation software developed for the SketchUp 3D environment, which enables automated design and optimization of photovoltaic systems. Subscribers are able to work with residential, commercial or utility-scale sites, and optimize system layout, equipment hierarchy, and energy output based on local site constraints and industry design standards.  Featuring unlimited project size, advanced topographic analysis capability, and comprehensive DC electrical design, SUNDAT and the SUNDAT Web Service generate designs that are more than just numbers in a database…they are real designs that can each be assessed visually in 3D. Additionally, the SUNDAT Web Service can be used for site prospecting and selection, for modeling single-axis tracker shading on terrain, and for any complex task where parallel processing can be leveraged to achieve more optimal designs.

If you are interested in gaining a competitive advantage with your photovoltaic system design process and want to learn more about how cloud computing is transforming the PV industry, please join us on Tuesday August 14th at our GTM Webinar: to see a preview of the SUNDAT Web Service in action.

Learn more and sign up for a free trial of SUNDAT at For further information, contact .

About FTC Solar: FTC Solar is a team of dedicated renewable energy professionals focused on delivering value to our customers across the solar development and construction cycle. With over 4GW of worldwide project installation experience, FTC Solar’s differentiated software and service offerings drive value for solar solutions spanning a range of applications including ground mount, tracker, canopy and rooftop.

About Parallel Works: Parallel Works is a next-generation technical computing platform enabling engineers and scientists to easily scale modeling and simulation workflows across high-performance computing systems and cloud resources. The Parallel Works platform enables domain experts across diverse industries to design, execute, and share sophisticated parallel simulation studies without the complexities of cloud resource management or parallel programming.

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Lili Francklyn