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FTC Solar Unveils Tracker-Agnostic SUNOPS Software to Enhance Solar Plant Performance 

First-of-its-kind software provides a holistic view of solar plant performance by monitoring and analyzing all operating asset data. 

By leveraging tracker analytics, SUNOPS helps identify and diagnose a myriad of issues across an entire solar site, providing actionable insights for field teams to resolve problems quickly. 

By determining site issues before dispatch, the software increases solar plant uptime and reduces energy losses. 

AUSTIN, Texas, August 31, 2023 — With solar accounting for 54% of all new electricity-generating capacity additions in the first quarter of 2023, it’s important to keep sites up and running efficiently to continue this trajectory. In a bold leap forward, FTC Solar, Inc. (Nasdaq: FTCI), a leading solar tracker provider, launched SUNOPS—a differentiated cloud-based PV asset monitoring solution poised to redefine solar asset performance management. Driven by FTC Solar’s deep tracker domain expertise, the tracker-agnostic SUNOPS software offers a holistic view of plant operation, analyzing most facets of PV plant performance. In addition, the solution empowers operations and maintenance (O&M) teams, asset management leaders, and performance engineers with actionable insights to enhance energy generation across their solar deployments. 

“Tracker data is not always easy to get access to.” says Imran Hassan, the Director of Technical Operations of ACT Power Services, who is one of the first beta users for the program. “The cloud-based SUNOPS platform saves my team time by allowing us to access the information I need when I need it.” 

Unlike traditional approaches focusing mainly on inverter analytics, SUNOPS considers other factors like advanced tracking algorithms and appropriate tracker stowing for extreme weather events. The software uses this data to effectively determine the root cause of underperformance, offering quick and accurate solutions to improve plant efficiency. SUNOPS provides a range of key features designed to empower users in optimizing solar plant performance, including: 

Precision Assessments: SUNOPS provides a first-of-its-kind tracker health assessment down to a single table, innovating site performance evaluation. Better tracker insights translate to improved plant performance and energy production. 

Actionable Insights: Going beyond conventional methods, SUNOPS leverages advanced tracker analytics. Field teams gain real-time insights, enabling proactive issue resolution to reduce energy losses. SUNOPS’s foresight in issue detection before dispatch improves uptime and leads to operational cost savings. 

Easy to Navigate: Accessible via an intuitive and secure cloud-based interface, SUNOPS offers streamlined portfolio data access, eliminating hours spent working with systems of individual sites. It offers live site monitoring, historical performance tracking, and issue prioritization, changing the landscape in solar asset management with actionable, data-driven decision-making. 

About FTC Solar Inc.:
FTC Solar is a leading, global provider of solar tracker systems, software, and engineering services. FTC Solar’s Digital Solutions offers a portfolio of synergistic, highly secure, and user-friendly products that are customized to support and aid our partners throughout their solar journey—from swift and precise site design (SUNDAT) to Solar PV performance insights (SUNOPS), optimized energy production (SUNPATH), and efficient solar portfolio management (ATLAS). For more information about SUNOPS, please visit

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