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FTC’s Newly Released White Paper Unveils the Game-Changing Benefits of a Proven Solution for Complex Subsurface Conditions

AUSTIN, Texas, October 3, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Since its successful introduction to the market in 2018, FTC’s Voyager 2P Tracker has been transforming project sites grappling with challenging subsurface conditions. Today, FTC releases a comprehensive white paper that delves into the substantial benefits of this innovative tracker, specifically highlighting its reduced pile count feature.

In PV plant construction, encountering difficult subsurface conditions is challenging for EPCs (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) and Developers. However, FTC’s Voyager 2P Tracker has emerged as the optimal solution for project sites with challenging subsurface conditions. When our customers install Voyager, we save headaches and dollars, avoiding predrill and refusals. FTC’s white paper, ” Voyager’s Advantage to Subsurface Challenges & Risks” showcases the technology’s ability to revolutionize construction practices, providing a deeper understanding of the reduced pile count feature and its transformative impact on project efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Traditionally, projects facing complex subsurface conditions require extensive predrilling and are vulnerable to refusals, leading to delays, cost overruns, and frustration. The Voyager 2P Tracker has addressed these challenges with its reduced pile count compared to other trackers. The white paper delves into the engineering behind this innovative technology, highlighting its adaptability to demanding soil conditions, elimination of predrilling requirements, and mitigation of refusal risks. This translates into enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and improved construction timelines.

“We are excited to release the white paper, which demonstrates the game-changing benefits of FTC’s Voyager 2P Tracker,” said Patrick Cook, Chief Commercial Officer of FTC Solar. “With many years of market success, we have witnessed its transformative impact on construction projects facing subsurface challenges. This white paper serves as a comprehensive guide, sharing our wealth of knowledge and empowering industry professionals.”

FTC’s white paper on the impact of reduced pile count represents lessons learned from experience, research, development, and collaboration with industry experts. With this research, FTC aims to equip EPCs and Developers with the insights and tools necessary to overcome subsurface complexities and optimize their site designs and technology selection.

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