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A differentiated 1P single axis tracker providing industry-leading
ease of installation.
Less Steel
Less land
less labor

FTC Pioneer Tracker

FTC is changing the solar tracking landscape.

As the P.V. market moves to larger and larger module sizes of 550 and 700w +, the demand for a tracker architecture that can readily accept Ultra Large Format Module (ULFM) in high wind areas with modest geo challenges is high at 70-80% of the global market.

To meet the portfolio challenges of our customers, we have developed a 1P product that will allow us to provide the best solution and win in this large part of the market.

FTC has leveraged its expertise and the proprietary, proven technology of Voyager to push the boundaries against wind mitigation and installation cost.

“Primoris and FTC are pleased to announce this partnering agreement that will allow PRE to provide additional value to select clients. This teaming agreement is based on our strong business relationship, FTC’s commitment to innovation, and the ability to provide 100% domestic trackers to the market.”

Anthony Vorderbruggen
Sr. Vice President of Operations, Primoris Renewable Energy

Pioneer Features

Pioneer is designed to use 15% less foundations.

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