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Wind Mitigation

pv magazine Webinar | Extreme damping – A new wind mitigation strategy for trackers

Wind Mitigation White Paper
FTC Solar takes a proactive approach in designing for both static and dynamic wind effects. This webinar and white paper details FTC’s differentiated approach and our engagement with third-party engineering firms Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc. (RWDI) and Engineered Power Solutions Inc. (EPS) to further confirm the reliability of our unique solution to wind effects through modeling and testing of both static and dynamic wind forces.

Contributors: Dr. Nagendra Cherukupalli, Mitch Bowman, Matt Gilliss, Matthew Browne, Zachary Taylor

Pile Reduction
Pile Reduction White Paper
In this paper, FTC Solar discusses different subsurface risks and presents the inherent advantages of the Voyager single-axis tracker versus the leading single-axis tracker competition. To help showcase these advantages, we outline three real-world project case studies featuring varying subsurface conditions.

Author: Mitch Bowman


Case Study

SUNOPS Case Study

Solar plants are adopting digital tools to improve site performance, with mixed success. Traditional asset performance management (APM) tools focus primarily on inverter data and DC-side performance issues but pay very little attention to tracker performance. Most tracker analytics are manual and focus mainly on actual versus expected angle trends. With a lack of detailed tracker data, field teams are forced to troubleshoot issues in the field with limited information. The approach is time-consuming, expensive, and full of guesswork.

This case study showcases how SUNOPS helped efficiently identify, diagnose, and resolve tracker performance issues at a 100 MWdc solar plant in the Mountain West Region.

Authors: Monique Wong, Andrew Morse