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FTC Solar’s software development team brings decades of experience to bear upon the challenges of control and monitoring of each solar array. Each Voyager single-axis tracking system is set up to capture enhanced amounts of solar energy by taking into account site location, terrain and weather conditions while also ensuring the safe operation of each tracker.  Production optimization and safety are the primary functions of the Voyager Zone Controller.

The Voyager Zone Controller provides a monitoring and control interface to the individual trackers within an array.  This interface is used to view the status of the array, issue commands to one or more rows, and also control the array to maximize production and ensure safe operation.  In extreme weather conditions, such as high wind or snow/flood events, the Zone Controller automatically commands each tracker in the array to stow at the safest angle.  For any system using SunPath™, the Zone Controller provides automated instructions to the array to minimize shading impacts and maximize production in response to forecasted local weather conditions such as diffuse light.

While the Zone Controller is included as part of any Voyager tracker installation, FTC Solar also develops software products that can be purchased separately and that complement investment in a Voyager tracking system:


Boost energy production

SunPath™ delivers up to 6% energy production gains by using intelligent algorithms to adjust tracker angles to minimize row-to-row shading during early and late afternoon hours,  a problem that’s exacerbated on sloping or rolling terrain. SunPath utilizes another smart algorithm to adjust trackers in diffuse light conditions. Using satellite data to predict cloud cover, it puts the Voyager tracker in optimal positions for maximum energy production just as the clouds arrive.


large scale PV design software

Design utility-scale PV and large commercial ground mount, rooftop or canopy systems using SUNDAT. There is no limit on system size. Optimize land use and let SUNDAT help determine row spacing to minimalize shading while automating your design process. Compare production, yield and performance ratios, and develop financial models. SUNDAT is integrated with PVSyst and PV Bid for calculating and comparing system cost, payback periods, and long term return on investment.

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Solar Portfolio Management

Made for companies that are managing large solar portfolios, ATLAS provides industry-specific tools to handle all the complexities of solar project development. Create and track milestones and workflows through permitting, finance, construction, inspection and commissioning. Reduce risk through ATLAS’ powerful financial management tools, at the project level or rolled up to a comprehensive company view. Multiple integrations, most recently with Salesforce. 

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