SunDAT Pricing: India

Please note: SunDAT requires SketchUp.  We strongly recommend using SketchUp Pro, which is an additional cost not included in the pricing below.  You can find more details about SketchUp here.

Project Setup & Analysis
Import DWG, KMZ & ImageryYesYes
Local Wind, Snow, Seismic Data (US)YesYes
Boundary & Obstruction KeepoutsYesYes
Shadow Analysis & SetbacksYesYes
Topography & Slope AnalysisYesYes
Equipment & Components
Rooftop, Ground & Canopy Table DesignYesYes
Multi-Table Block DesignYesYes
Global Equipment LibraryYesYes
User Customized EquipmentYesYes
PV System Design
Automated Module LayoutYesYes
Energy AnalysisYesYes
Single Line DiagramYesYes
Bill of MaterialsYesYes
DC Electrical Design & Wire ScheduleNoYes
Automated Design (Scripting)NoYes
Parametric Inputs for LayoutNoYes
Cost Estimation and FinanceNoYes
Design to DWG or SketchUp LayOutYesYes
AutoCAD and LayOut TemplatesYesYes
Production/Yield Report + 8760YesYes
Coming Soon…
Design Management, Sharing & VersioningYesYes
Product Support
SunDAT Forum AccessYesYes
Email SupportYesYes
Web-conference/Phone SupportNoYes