SUNDAT Web: Online PV Design Software

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SUNDAT software is a 3D solar PV design tool primarily for utility-scale and commercial and industrial (C&I) projects. Enjoy industrial strength calculations, rapid speed and expert engineering.  SUNDAT can help you automate workflows and increase the efficiency of your design process. SUNDAT software is engineered to handle large, utility-scale design projects. It can help you optimize Ground Coverage Ratio (GCR), and engineer enhanced yields on rough terrain. SUNDAT is specially adapted for ground-mounted systems with solar trackers, bifacial modules and other solar technologies that boost energy production.  

For existing SUNDAT Desktop customers.

Existing customers are  free to continue using their desktop version of SUNDAT for the foreseeable future.  SUNDAT Desktop customers are entitled to a free SUNDAT Web Premium license, which offers unlimited exports of key files and design projects. With SUNDAT Web you will no longer need a SketchUp license. Ultimately, the two products will offer similar features, with SUNDAT Web’s blazing speed and efficiency.

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SUNDAT’s patented system for determining layout maximizes use of space while automatically placing roads or aisles in your designs. With expert engineering, reliability and optimization for large ground-mounted projects, SUNDAT gets the job done efficiently. 


Calculate production, yield and performance ratio (PR) estimates within SUNDAT and compare different system designs to see which one is the most economically optimal. You can do real-time energy modeling, publish project-specific reports, and export your 8760 data for further economic analysis.


SUNDAT is specially adept at dealing with rugged topography. You can identify areas that are beyond a certain slope tolerance, or flag areas in your layout that will need to be graded or avoided entirely. Use SUNDAT’s slope analysis tools to quickly adjust your layout based on site and structural constraints.

  • Automate Your Design Workflow

    Using SUNDAT solar PV design software, you can improve the speed and efficiency of your design process. Our patented layout feature allows you to run multiple design options in quick succession and compare the results.

  • NREL's System Advisor Model (SAM)

    The SAM model is built into the SUNDAT software. Taking into account both the technical and economic aspects of your project, the NREL SAM model can help you compare the economic potential of different system designs and evaluate their financial performance.

  • File Export and Sharing

    Export project data in multiple formats like PDF, DXF and DAE. This allows your projects to be imported to programs like AutoCAD and PVsyst for continued design and analysis. Easily share files with other SUNDAT users from right within the application.

  • Voyager Solar Tracker

    Incorporate FTC Solar’s innovative 2P single-axis tracker effortlessly into your PV designs by using SUNDAT’s built-in Voyager dataset when creating projects that use solar trackers. Upon completing your design, you can send your project to FTC Solar directly for a quote on the Voyager tracker.