Identify, Quantify, and Diagnose your Solar PV Site Underperformance

Digital tools are making it easier than ever to monitor solar plant performance and understand when actual energy production is not meeting expected outcomes. But when it comes to troubleshooting and fixing malfunctions, the process remains time-consuming, costly, and filled with guesswork.

Introducing SUNOPS, a first-of-its-kind operations management platform, built with tracker analytics in mind. With access to more of your site data, it lets you identify, quantify, diagnose — and quickly resolve — underperformance issues across your entire portfolio. With insights down to invididual trackers.

Tracker data is not always easy to get access to. The cloud-based SUNOPS platform saves my team time by allowing us to access the information I need when I need it.”Imran Hassan, the Director of Technical Operations – ACT Power Services

SUNOPS – Harness the full power of your solar site data—Maximize uptime and minimize operational costs.

Quickly Identify Underperformance

• Track energy production daily against modeled
• View tracker Live Status and alerts
• Identify loss with AI-based classification models

Optimize Energy Production

• Understand which issues impact performance most
• Drill down to underlying causes of underperformance
• Prioritize repairs based on impact to production

Customize Charts and Data

• Create charts and quickly access your preferred metrics
• Export data extracts for your custom analysis
• Access years of historical performance data

Streamline On-site Repairs

• Visualize asset performance across your site
• Drill down to see the health of each individual tracker
• Plan efficient routes for maintenance

Leverage the Power of the Cloud

• Access your data from anywhere, 24/7
• Diagnose performance issues remotely
• Get near real-time feedback for field work

Learn how FTC’s Deep Domain Expertise can help you Unlock Limitless Insights for Optimal Plant Performance

Solar plants are adopting digital tools to improve site performance, with mixed success. Traditional asset performance management (APM) tools focus primarily on inverter data and DC-side performance issues but pay very little attention to tracker performance. Most tracker analytics are manual and focus mainly on actual versus expected angle trends. With a lack of detailed tracker data, field teams are forced to troubleshoot issues in the field with limited information. The approach is time-consuming, expensive, and full of guesswork.

This case study showcases how SUNOPS helped efficiently identify, diagnose, and resolve tracker performance issues at a 100 MWdc solar plant in the Mountain West Region.