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You can download the Voyager datasheet below or use these forms to contact our Construction Team for immediate service:


FTC Solar organizes two-day pre-construction training sessions at our research facility near Denver. We provide hands-on instruction on assembly techniques, methods, optimal crew sizes and work flows. This process
empowers FTC Solar customers – our partners – for optimal on-site execution. 


FTC Solar staff and customers build the first row of the array together. Working side by side with our clients, we mark all critical dimensions, walk through every aspect of the installation, and work with site managers to develop a work process for the entire project. 


FTC Solar has engineered the construction process – as well as the hardware that makes up the Voyager tracker system – to streamline every action and eliminate wasted moments. That’s lean construction – easy, intuitive and highly efficient.

Close collaboration between FTC Solar and construction crews during the early construction phase allows sharing of best practices and open communication about any issues that arise, opening doors for stronger relationships between FTC Solar and its customers.

  • Pre-Assembly Best Practices

    We work with you to organize kitting areas to streamline installation.

  • Onsite Organization

    FTC Solar helps customers resolve supply chain issues, organize lay-down yards, and set up materials for construction.

  • Efficient installation

    Our "slide and glide" module attachment method makes it easy for one person to attach each module, quickly.

Download the Voyager Datasheet