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Why the Distributed Generation market requires unique tracker solutions

Demand for PV solar-based distributed generation (DG) – including commercial and industrial (CI) and Community Solar – continues to grow in the US. DG developers are looking for robust tracker solutions providing greater energy returns and allowing them to work within short project development and build cycles.

DG projects have inherently shorter development cycles than utility-scale solar projects.  As such, DG developers require superior responsiveness and faster lead times to achieve federal investment tax credit (ITC)-driven end-of-year deadlines. Permitting, interconnection and other up-stream development activities can also lead to squeezed time frames for tracker procurement and installation. Proven single axis tracker (SAT) technology, superior manufacturer responsiveness, and fast tracker delivery and installation are critical.

How DG Solutions addresses these needs

FTC Solar and AUI Partners are combining proven tracker technology and building core capabilities and services to address the DG market demands. 

Proven Tracker Technology- Voyager 2P Tracker

Voyager is a next-generation 2P single-axis tracker providing industry-leading ease of installation, performance, and reliability.

Superior Design Flexibility

4-string architecture leads to an optimized system with a ground cover ratio from 30 to 60 percent, 10-degree (or 17.5%) N/S slope tolerance, and maximized megawatt per acre capacity

Lowest Installed Cost

Voyager has the fastest module installation process in the world and up to 46% fewer posts than 1P designs resulting in lower costs and man hours.

Designed for Reliability

Our self-powered drive system requires no auxiliary power or communications systems while providing data, communication, and power redundancy. Over-the-air software updates enable seamless upgrades.

Maximize Energy Capture

“SunPathTM recovers energy lost from row-to-row shading on undulating and land-constrained sites while maximizing production on overcast days. Meet revenue and production targets with confidence.”

Design-through-commissioning Services

  • Site-specific tracker, foundation, and layout design

  • Stamped Engineering documents

  • Delivery to site (DDP incoterm)

  • Installation and commissioning

High customer responsiveness

AUI’s dedicated resources, supported by FTC, provide leading customer service and execution.

  • A team of sales leads and engineers manage a rapid-quoting process, including the site design and foundation engineering activities.

  • A project execution team manages delivery to site and executes installation and commissioning activities using FTC’s certified best practices.

  • AUI responds to customers regarding any on-site troubleshooting, escalations, and all project questions.

Faster lead times

We achieve faster lead times through a twofold strategy:

  • Local inventory strategy for tracker shared parts

    We maintain local inventory for tracker shared parts, thus avoiding global supply chain disruptions and ensuring that materials are readily available to deliver in compressed DG project timelines.

  • Domestic supply

    We support our local inventory strategy with our domestic supply network to manufacture and deliver custom parts within 16 weeks.

Lower Costs With Voyager

About AUI Partners

AUI was formed in 1983 and is a full service commercial and renewable energy contractor based in Fort Worth, Texas. AUI Partners offers the Solar Power and BESS industries a team of construction professionals who are capable of providing turnkey services for all design and construction needs. AUI is capable to plan and fast-track schedules without compromising quality and safety.  AUI has also been recognized four years in a row by Solar Power World as a Top Solar EPC Contractor. For more information, please visit https://www.auipartners.com/