FTC Solar White Papers

Here you will find the latest research and findings regarding topics of interest.

Pile Reduction
In this paper, FTC Solar discusses different subsurface risks and presents the inherent advantages of the Voyager single-axis tracker versus the leading single-axis tracker competition. To help showcase these advantages, we outline three real-world project case studies featuring varying subsurface conditions.
Author: Mitch Bowman

Wind Mitigation
FTC Solar takes a proactive approach in designing for both static and dynamic wind effects. This webinar and white paper details FTC’s differentiated approach and our engagement with third-party engineering firms Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc. (RWDI) and Engineered Power Solutions Inc. (EPS) to further confirm the reliability of our unique solution to wind effects through modeling and testing of both static and dynamic wind forces.
Contributors: Dr. Nagendra Cherukupalli, Mitch Bowman, Matt Gilliss, Matthew Browne, Zachary Taylor