Wind presents one of the most significant structural integrity and financial challenges for single-axis trackers (SATs) on utility-scale PV plants. Ensuring the long-term reliability and stability of SATs during wind events is a top concern for solar site owners; solar project developers; and engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors.

Designing a SAT to be structurally reliable for both static and dynamic wind effects is a key challenge of SAT manufacturers. Many different engineering approaches are taken to address wind and its potentially damaging effects, but not all are equal.

FTC Solar takes a proactive approach in designing for both static and dynamic wind effects.  This webinar and white paper details FTC’s differentiated approach and our engagement with third-party engineering firms Rowan Williams Davies & Irwin Inc. (RWDI) and Engineered Power Solutions Inc. (EPS) to further confirm the reliability of our unique solution to wind effects through modeling and testing of both static and dynamic wind forces.


  • Dr. Nagendra Cherukupalli, FTC Solar
  • Mitch Bowman, FTC Solar
  • Matt Gilliss, EPS
  • Matthew Browne, RWDI
  • Zachary Taylor, RWDI

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